SAB Mission

We are one of the Valley’s premier sources for quality construction services. We understand that the people we work with define us. Our well established relationships inspire trust, fuel mutual growth, and contribute to the execution of outstanding projects. Our project partners share our mutual goal; to deliver a quality product with superior service that goes beyond what our client thought was possible.

We strive to be regarded as a contractor that has a deep understanding of our customer’s needs with a sincere desire to fulfill them. This is what we believe. This is what each and every one of our employees works towards. This is how, since 1986, we have continued to strengthen our existing relationships while also establishing new ones.


We hold our core values as a touchstone for our daily lives. We get results because we live them. Our SAB team is united because we share them. They stimulate and drive our actions and decisions. They are the foundation of our corporate culture and the heart of our organization.

Our basic philosophy is to produce a quality project and treat our customers fairly. We may not get every project by being the low bidder, but the clients who use our services rarely use anyone else afterwards.


We build our relationships on a foundation of trust.

Honesty & Integrity

We choose to do the right thing. We own our actions.

Quality of Service

We take pride in an exceptional experience for our employees, our clients and every project partner.


We LOVE what we do!


We continually seek advancement and embrace opportunities that enhance our results.

This is who we are. This is what we believe. This is what you can come to expect and depend on.


Joe Hitzel

Joe is the President/ Owner of SAB where he is responsible for leading his team with excellence and enthusiasm. With more than 40 years in the industry and having graduated with his BS from ASU Del E Webb School of Construction, Joe firmly believes in mentoring and supporting his field and office team. On a mission to build lasting client relationships and surpass industry standards he is focused on improving quality and creating outstanding results that speak for themselves. By making SAB “The Best Place To Work” Joe believes that same passion and dedication valued by his employees will be reflected in SAB’s client experience.

Project Manager

Frank Sandstedt

For over 25 years, Frank has been a noteworthy leader in the construction industry as a PM for SAB. He has managed prominent projects all over the Valley with a reputation that far precedes him. His depth of knowledge and experience are unparalleled and he frequently finds time in his busy schedule to mentor new PMs. Frank has been involved with tenant improvements, occupied remodels, exterior cosmetic/structural improvements, site work and new ground-up buildings.

Project Manager

Sheila Gardner

As a Project Administrator turned PM, Sheila has developed a unique perspective when it comes to her managing her projects. She spent years in the trenches learning about administration, getting to know everything about contracts, submittals, closeouts and building a solid reputation with subcontractors. A self- described perfectionist, Sheila is a PM who is committed to client satisfaction and on time execution. She has spent the last 15 years with SAB creating a reputation for excellence.


Project Manager

David Rezab

David Rezab has an eye for detail and exactness that make him shine as a newly promoted PM. He is a rising star that joined SAB two years ago as an Assistant PM, quickly and effectively developing the skills that make him a successful project manager today. Dave enjoys working with clients and collaborating with subcontractors to produce great results within budget and on schedule.